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C / San Blas, 29, Godella | C / Luis Vives, 6-5, Valencia

Unbeatable commercial location in the center of Valencia



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Local for sale of approximately 459 m2, of which 217 m2 correspond to the ground floor and approximately 242 m2 to the basement, is located in Plaza Ciudad de Brujas, No. 4, next to the Central Market of Valencia, near Lonja the Church of the Santos Juanes area of Ciutat Vella in the neighborhood of El Mercat.

This area is becoming one of the most active new commercial areas in the city after the urban reform, currently in the process of remodeling. The premises will be located in a completely pedestrian environment.

It is a place to reform on the ground floor and basement, (façade on both sides: the Ciudad de Brujas square, and the back street). It has four holes on both facades. The basement has lighting from the street level by skylights on the pavement floor on both sides.

In turn, this location can be physically divided into several locations, giving the possibility of sale

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Ground floor 1.1

Ground Floor 1.2

Complete ground floor


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