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About Calle 29

About us

We are a startup made up of a young and experienced team that is convinced that technology is changing the world at breakneck speed and wants to be part of that change by putting people at the center, and giving them the importance they deserve.

In a sector where many excesses have been committed, we want to prioritize ethics and transparency above all else. Let's have a coffee and talk about your needs and how to make your life easier?

We position ourselves as a Proptech (Property & Technology) company in the residential housing segment. We use technology to change the world, we want a more humane and just world.

Our project is in constant investigation: we will pivot it until we achieve a fairer remuneration model.


It was created to help you find the best home that suits your needs and we want to accompany you throughout the search process, even buying subsequent rent based on
your needs.

We are a young team of professionals with a comprehensive vision of the real estate market and with the conviction of doing things differently. Bringing our most human side closer.


Contribute to the search and assignment of suitable residential housing for each client who visits us, adapting to their requests and needs, adding value and making this process a rewarding experience.


Being a company of recognized value in the real estate sector in Valencia gradually expanding territorial expansion. Introduce technical improvements that allow us to improve the efficiency and quality of the home buying and selling processes.


Committed to responsible real estate management, at VRE we identify ourselves with: ETHICAL VALUES, TRANSPARENCY, HONESTY and SUSTAINABILITY. Aware of the environment that surrounds us and society. We don't speculate, we create real value.


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